About Us

The Health Fix

The Health Fix works to create better health experiences for all of the companies we have worked with. We have raised thousands of dollars to support these causes and helped with creating websites and awareness.

About Concentric

The People Behind The Health Fix

Concentric Healthcare Experience is a promotional agency with a passion for health and wellness. Our clients are some of the most innovative and dedicated companies out there, and our mission is to take their life-changing products and deliver them to the people who need them like no one else can. From our offices in New York City and London, we do more than build brands and create ads—we make medicine matter.

Why We Do This

For us, it just makes sense to support those who share our mission of improving health and lives all around the world, any way we can. By leveraging our expertise and passion, and through the power of social media, Concentric is dedicated to making meaningful contributions to the causes we care most about.

Need help?

Do you have a cause that needs a health fix?