This holiday season, in an effort to improve the lives and health of people in developing countries, we have made a donation on behalf of our clients to charity: water— an organization that builds sustainable, clean water projects in communities around the globe.


Click here to donate to charity: water

Share our story

Share our story

Why Are We Doing This?

Is our CFO nuts? No, she’s just willing to use our promotional budget in a way that helps and gets the word out about fixing the health experiences of others.

Who Is Concentric?

We are a promotional agency with a focus on health and wellness. From our offices in New York City and London, we help our clients develop brand platforms that drive positive health experiences. If you’d like to make a healthy impact on your business, please contact Delia Pavlichko at or call 212 633 9700.

Who Else Have We Helped?

Last holiday season, with an understanding of the challenges faced by children with upper-limb differences worldwide, we made a donation on behalf of our clients to the e-NABLE Community Foundation: an organization that uses 3D printing technology to provide prosthetic devices to children who need them at little to no cost.

With an understanding of the important role that mothers play in managing the health of a family, and in an effort to support a member of our Concentric family, we made a donation on behalf of our clients to STRONGMOM: an organization dedicated to supporting Kerrie Prettitore, a former Concentric employee and close friend of the company, in her fight with DPD deficiency.

A health clinic serving 10,000 in rural Zimbabwe lost their only ambulance in a car accident. Every social share of this story meant we wouldgive $1 of our own towards this goal. We were able to reach our goal within a few months of launch.

Concentric gave the gift of giving! Rather than sending fruit baskets, snow globes, and chocolates to our clients, we donated money to The Water Project: an organization that delivers clean water to those in need. It's just one more way that we drive positive health experiences for others.